First Resources is committed to developing a supply chain that is aligned to our sustainability values. We will proactively communicate our sustainability policy to our suppliers and cease to work with suppliers found to be engaged:-

  • in the development of HCS, HCV or peat areas; or
  • in the use of fires during land preparations; or
  • in the exploitation of local communities; and
  • who do not take immediate remedial actions

Sustainability Policy




Environmental Management
• High Carbon Stock
• High Conservation Value
• Peat, Soil and Water Mgmt
• Zero Burning Policy
• Greenhouse Gases
• Integrated Pest Mgmt
• Waste Mgmt


Community Engagement
• Smallholder Partnership
• Community Development


Supply Chain
• Traceability


Employee Relations
• Employment Practices
• Occupational Health & Safety


Sustainability Reports


Grievance Procedure
• Grievance List