As a palm oil producer, First Resources (FR) is committed to sustainable development. This involves the balancing of social, environmental and economic factors and values in our operations. Our goal is to ensure that the establishment and management of our oil palm plantations provide genuine long-term economic and social benefits at the local communities and beyond, while avoiding disproportionate damage to the environment.

Our sustainability policies have been guided by the Principles and Criteria set out by the Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil, which we have been a member of since 2008. Through continuous stakeholder engagement, we have also decided to adopt additional commitments and these are included in our policy statement announced on 1 July 2015. For a PDF copy, please click on Policy on Sustainable Palm Oil.

We believe in taking a holistic approach towards sustainability, which encompasses active stakeholder engagement, implementation of best practices across our operations and regular industry benchmarking of our sustainability policies. We recognise that we can do more to promote the sustainability cause with support from stakeholders and we welcome input and feedback, with the objective of continual improvement in our policies and implementation process.

Key issues and concerns raised by stakeholders and clarifications or actions taken by the Group to address the issues are detailed as follows:-



(Grievance Channel)

Subsidiary / Associate / Supplier

Key Issues


Feb 2011

International Animal Rescue (Indonesia)

(Via RSPO)

PT Limpah Sejahtera

(West Kalimantan)

HCV clearance and HCV management and monitoring

Ongoing discussion with IAR and RSPO.
Case summary

- RSPO Case tracker:

Oct 2012

Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), AMAN and the community of Muara Tae

(Via RSPO)

PT Borneo Surya Mining Jaya

(East Kalimantan)

Free, Prior and Informed Consent

Case closed by RPSO on 22 Dec 2015

- Case summary

- RSPO Case tracker:

- Additional clarification statement issued on 5 July 2016

May 2015

Linkar Borneo

(Via RSPO)

PT Swadaya Mukti Prakasa

(West Kalimantan)

Plasma commitments and fire incidents

Case closed by RSPO on 20 Jul 2016

- Case summary

May 2015

Media reports

PT Setia Agrindo Lestari


Peat development and water pollution

Case closed

- Case summary

Sept 2016

Waxman Consulting / Mighty

(Direct engagement)

FAP Agri

(East Kalimantan)

Deforestation and fire incidents

On-going engagement with both Mighty and FAP Agri. Clarifications have been provided to Mighty.

- Clarification statement

Sustainability Policy
• Progress Report




Environmental Management
• High Carbon Stock
• High Conservation Value
• Peat, Soil and Water Mgmt
• Zero Burning Policy
• Greenhouse Gases
• Integrated Pest Mgmt
• Waste Mgmt


Community Engagement
• Smallholder Partnership
• Community Development


Supply Chain


Employee Relations
• Employment Practices
• Occupational Health & Safety


Sustainability Reports


Grievance Procedure