Our commitment to producing sustainable palm oil extends beyond our own operations and requires developing a sustainable supply chain that is aligned to our values. We are working towards a fully traceable and transparent supply chain in order to prioritise engagement with our suppliers and bring them onboard our sustainability journey.

Most of our procurement comprises crude palm oil (CPO) and palm kernel (PK) for our processing plants. These raw materials are sourced from First Resources-owned mills and third-party mills in Indonesia. Fresh fruit bunches (FFB), the feedstock for the mills, are in turn supplied by our own nucleus estates, third-party estates, thousands of individual farmers (plasma and independent), as well as dealers who buy from farmers.

We will proactively communicate our sustainability policy to our suppliers and cease to work with suppliers found to be engaged:

  • in the development of HCS, HCV or peat areas; or
  • in the use of fires during land preparations; or
  • in the exploitation of local communities; and
  • who do not take immediate remedial actions.

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