We recognise the legal and customary land rights of indigenous and local communities, and respect their decision to give or withhold their free, prior and informed consent (FPIC) for the development or conservation of land to which they hold such rights.

When the company is granted a location permit (Ijin Lokasi) for new development areas, we identify the local communities living in the area and conduct socialisation before commencing any operations. The socialisation usually consists of informing the communities of the company’s permit, government and company policies regarding land compensation, development plans, land valuation approaches, process of verifying land ownership and requirement for proof of ownership, and the approach for land measurements and compensation.

After the socialisation and the completion of the due diligence process, compensation will be made to those who have accepted the company’s offer for their land. All land transfers are documented and witnessed by members of the local government.

We do not condone any land grabbing or forceful eviction of indigenous and local communities from their lands.


We are supportive of responsible and peaceful resolution of conflicts that may arise due to our operations. Land disputes involving rightful land ownership are among the common conflicts that we come across. We believe in working with the relevant stakeholders to ensure that conflicts are resolved through a process that is agreed upon by all appropriate parties. We are committed to resolving conflicts in an open, transparent and consultative manner.

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